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MASTER PERSONAL TRAINER (Level 3 + Level 4 + Nutrition)

Original price was: 2.500,00 €.Current price is: 799,00 €.

DNA Academie’s Master Personal Trainer is a package containing the MAPPING personal training program:

This is a huge savings and a very comprehensive training program.

Become a Personal Trainer!

Master Trainer ( EQF 3+4 + nutrition )

➡️ A recognized diploma

➡️ The best content at the best price

➡️ The only school that guarantees a job upon graduation for SPORTS COACHS!

⚠️Change your life:

➡️ Prepare to go back to school

️ Make your passion your job

️ Join us!!!

▶️ One of the most beautiful training centers –

Already hundreds of students in Europe and Africa…

🥊 Our teachers are all experts and former top athletes.

♦️ Collaborations : Frederic Delavier , Will Janssens , Université de Dakar …

🏋️♀️ An application to help you in your programming, with content available online or live.