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On this page we list the questions we are regularly asked and the answers we provide.

I plan to work abroad as a Personal Trainer in the future, is your diploma recognized?
The diplomas awarded by DNA after successful completion of the Ereps 3 and Ereps 4 courses are recognized at the European level through the EuropeActive organization and give you access to the EREPs register. They are recognized in 187 countries.
I am a French national and would like to work in France. Will the training offered by the DNA allow me to practice?

In order to work as an employee in a sports establishment in France, you must have a university degree or a BPJEPS (Brevet Professionnel de la jeunesse, de l’éducation populaire et du sport). However, if you have worked for one year in the Schengen area as an EREPS level 4 Personal Trainer, you will get the equivalence in France. We encourage you to contact DNA France for more information.

What professional opportunities are likely to present themselves to me once I have obtained my DNA diploma?
The sports and health market is growing in Europe and qualified coaches are increasingly in demand. As a coach, it is possible to practice your activities under different statutes:
  • Employee status. It is possible to work as an employee in an existing sports structure (fitness room, personal training studio, sports club…). In this case, an employment contract (for a fixed or indefinite period) binds you to your employer
  • Self-employed status. It is also possible to set up as a self-employed person (or as a company) knowing that you will then have to be able to justify basic knowledge in management to be able to carry out your commercial activity. As a freelancer, you are free to open your own personal training facility/studio and/or coach your clients at home. Many fitness chains/clubs also work with independent coaches. In this case, the club that “hires” you will usually ask you to pay a monthly fee/”rental” fee in order to offer your services to their clientele. Some gyms do not charge their independent Personal Trainers a “rental” fee, but instead receive a percentage of the turnover made by each Personal Trainer.
  • Additional self-employed status. At the beginning of their career, some professionals start out as employees of a sports organization and at the same time practice their Personal Trainer activity as a complementary independent.



What are the days and times for classes at DNA?
Classes are held on weekends from 10am to 5pm.




What happens if I miss my exam session the first time?
You can book your session of
catch up




How do I access exclusive Club DNA content?
The DNA Club is reserved for trainers and students of the Academy. To gain access you must either work for DNA or attend one of our training courses/workshops. After processing your application, you will receive a link to create your “Club DNA” account. After this step, you will have access to the exclusive content but also to a professional exchange space with your trainers.