As in other fields, the term “coach” is used to highlight the skills acquired by this person. But we must not lose sight of the fact that this term also refers to the ability to transmit these skills. This is the essence of the coach, and therefore of the sports coach.

However, this term is too often used by people who are not qualified to bear such responsibility. Indeed, a bad advice or a bad practice of your coach could lead to sometimes irreversible consequences on your body, your organism. One can be a good sportsman, a diligent practitioner, but a bad coach.

In order to avoid unfortunate situations, the aspiring athletic trainer must train and pass the exams giving him access to a diploma. This is the

course proposed

by, for example, DNA Académie. When it comes to transparency and security for future customers, you can’t do better!

How do you know if your sports coach is really qualified to take care of you?

Ask for his or her degrees and certifications. For example, if the person tells you that he/she is an EREPS 3 graduate, note that this person is

fitness instructor

and is therefore not (yet) qualified to coach you face to face! For this, the
EREPS 4 diploma
is required.

What does EREPS mean?


stands for “European Register of Exercise Professionals”, which can be translated as “European register of exercise professionals”. Of course, you can check if your sports coach is indeed an EREPS graduate by consulting their



DNA Academy is an EREPS recognized institution. Our diplomas authorize their respective holders to practice the profession of Fitness Instructor (EREPS 3) or Personal Trainer (EREPS 4) and this in 187 countries. These diplomas are a guarantee that these coaches have all the anatomical, nutritional, metabolic, physiological and other knowledge to ensure a quality and safe coaching service.

Beware of sports coaching services at the price of a cell phone subscription!

For many years, we have noticed that the sports coaching offer includes pricing that raises questions. A word of advice: beware of “sports coaching” at 9 or 10 euros an hour! Diploma courses and certifications in the sports industry involve a lot of personal investment. This investment is financial but also in terms of work and requirements. At 9, 10 or 20 euros an hour, you can’t make a living from your job and after all the sacrifices and work, it wouldn’t make sense. For your health, your well-being and ultimately your finances, make a better investment. Opt for a true sports professional. Maybe paying 50€ per hour instead of 10 or 20 will seem too expensive, but the cost of a broken health is priceless.

“You are never better served than by yourself!”

That’s right! Being self-taught is commendable, but caution is still warranted. It is important to have the right information, adapted to your body, in order to adopt the right practices. There have been a series of bad examples on social networks. These people are often seen as role models. This scenario can lead to the heavy consequences mentioned above, to an infinite number of people! Therefore, we advise you to be followed by a sports professional who will guide you properly. Of course, you can also train without actually doing the work. At DNA Academy, we have several people training with us each year, for their well-being alone. All the information is on our website.

In conclusion, the term “sports coach” cannot be taken lightly and we are fighting every year for better regulations regarding access to the profession. In this way, we defend the interests of true professionals, but also those of any person likely to call on them. The “cheapest” has never been a guarantee of better service or safety. And it’s about your body, your health. Make the right choice, for you!

Sportively yours,

DNA Academy